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wouldn't you. you would have the right to do that. >> that is culled skirting the question. much more still ahead. your weather, traffic and all your top stories as fox 5 morning news continues right now. -- that is called skirting the question. it is a nice cool start as we get a live look outside. thank you for getting up early with fox 5 morning news. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. glad you are with us on this thursday morning. we say good morning to mr. tony perkins as well. >> hello there. a very nice start to the day. >> temperatures are in the 60s across most of the area and we've got clear skies. it will be a pretty day today too. not bad at all. >> let's take a look. we'll start with what is going on out there by showing out satellite-radar. no precipitation, nothing like that. the skies are mostly clear. we had the frontal system come through yesterday and then the cool air began to settle in last night. that is what we've got this morning. current temperatures around the
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region look like this. right now, in washington, it is 66 degrees. 66 here. 64 in annapolis. manassas, 61 degrees and there are some 50s out there. baltimore, 58. dulles airport is at 57 degrees. your day planner for today, lots of sunshine. very comfortable, a little bit breezy. >> a fall-like day. we're looking for high temperatures today in the upper 70s after a high in the mid-90s yesterday. more details on all of that coming up shortly. >> thank you. let's check in with julie wright and get a look at traffic this morning. >> not so busy right now out on the roads. you will find the lanes are open as you are traveling in each direction down south at the wilson bridge. southbound # 70 still an easy ride for you out of hite atstown. no problems reported out to the truck scales and continuing to work your way out towards clarksburg. and no problems reported headed into downtown off of 50 and the parkway working your way into northeast washington. here is our deal along 395. this is the camera shot looking north of duke street so as you
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travel from the capital beltway and continued up towards seminary road, you will see the activity on the southbound side along the right shoulder. no accidents to report on 95. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. making headline this morning, an out of control car in the district a driver ran into a restaurant on 18th street and florida avenue around 9:00 last night hitting two women who were standing on the street. both women suffered serious injuries. >> i heard the crash and that is about it. i may have seen some pieces flying. >> it looks a lot worse than it really is but there is some superficial damage. car took out the entire bay window t came up and kissed the brick i guess of columns but wiped out a little bit of a wall and an awning. >> this in adams morgan. nobody inside the store was injured. the driver of the white car stayed on the scene and was
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arrested. the other big story we're physicalling this morning, a new poll has just been released in the race to d.c. mayor and viciousent gray appears to still be holding a strong lead over incumbent mayor fenty. new clarus poll shows gray with a seven-point lead. sarah simmons joins us now with more on this. >> reporter: good morning. this is very good news for vince gray. this is the third time or third poll in just a week actually that shows vince gray on top in this race right now so he is enjoying that lead but still campaigning hard. he is really enjoying this lead since august. so he has really been pushing hard, seeing some results here. but both vince gray and mayor fenty are campaigning very toughly actually in the days leading up here. there is still no clear-cut winner at this point. the clarus poll that you had mentioned has 14% of voters
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undecided, which means this elect is really in their hands still. vip gray, though, is confident that he has the better chance. listen to him. >> our message is getting out across the city, that people are supporting us. the other message is for those working on our campaign and that is keep working hard. at the end of the day, the only poll that matters is the one taken and added and counted and added on september 14th and that is the vote that will make me the mayor of the district of columbia. >> reporter: mayor fenty was not available for comment as he was out campaigning yesterday. but he did issue a statement in response to this saying the only numbers that matter is the count when the polls close on election day. he says we are out on doorsteps every day getting our message out it as many voter as we can. the other interesting thing that came out yesterday was the fact that mayor fenty is now seeking the endorsement of president obama and the first lady, realizing, of course, that he does need help in some
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african-american neighborhoods where it doesn't appear he is as popular. but it does appear as though president obama is still very popular in those neighborhoods. tax a listen to what he had to say about the work they have been doing leading up to this. >> we made a couple mistakes on the way in not involving people. just as i pledged four years ago to be a candidate to get things down, i am ledging now that we'll continue the great results but we'll be more inclusive as mayor and we'll get that done as well. >> reporter: now, out on the campaign trail yesterday, we asked vincent gray about whether or not he has asked for the president's endorsement but of course welcomes it and says why not. back to you. a u.s. senator's aide has resigned after being busted for bringing pot into into a capitol hill building. u.s. capitol police arrested 43-
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year-old marcus stanley. he had been the economic ad describer to democratic senator barbara boxer. an officer says he saw stanley enter the building and remove a green leafy substance that later turned out to be marijuana. boxer says his actions were, quote, unquote, wrong and unacceptable. in the controversial plan to burn the koran, the florida minister says he has no plans to cancel the burning on the 9- 11 anniversary and the voices calling on him to reconsider continue to grow. secretary of state hillary clinton, defense secretary robert gates, religous leaders from all faiths, even actress angelina jolie say he shouldn't do it. this more than, all american embassies overseas shb vb hut putt on alert ahead of saturday's event. police say demond white stabbed his ex-wife to death and set the apartment on fire. white was hurt and is now in critical but stable condition at shock tarek mehanna in in palmetto scientist family in the district is looking for
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answers following the death of a 4-month-old baby on labor day. it happened monday night. family says the baby stopped breathing. they flagged down an officer. he started cpr and called for backup. closest medical transport unit was eight miles way and family says it took fire crews more than 13 minutes to arrive. >> i'm hurt because it took so long to get to my daughter. i'm hurt because now she is ted. >> they made the decision which was clinically the right decision to treat the child after they evaluated and performed advanced life support to transport the child on the fire engine. >> the fire department blames traffic and high volume of emergency calls. a preliminary review shows the firefighters exercised good judgment and did take the appropriate actions. new developments this morning concerning the 33
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making headlines this morning, evacuation orders will be lifted in areas west of boulder, colorado where a passive is burning out of control. other residents will have to wait a little bit longer to get back to their homes. the blaze has scorched more than 6,000 acres. those 3 # miners trapped underground in chile are reportedly growing irritable as they wait to be rescued. they apparently became upset when authorities above ground refused their request to send down wine, and cigarettes. in return, themenners refused a -- the miners refused a bunch of peaches. president obama says it does not make sense to spend $700 bill wrong and let the wealthy pay low attacks. that is the amount it would cost to continued the bush tax
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cuts for the rich. the president told a crowd in ohio he want to keep the tax cuts in place only for the poor and middle class. republicans want all of the bush tax cuts extended. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, a fox 5 investigation. >> people caught texting while they should be focused on doing their jobs and it could be putting you at risk. we'll show you. also coming up, the latest on today's forecast. i think you'll like the forecast for today and julie wright will be along it el us what is happening out there on the roads. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. ????ñ/ñ/ñ/?////e
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why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation where you're free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. visit today. welcome back. we look at the wilson bridge. it is 66 degrees. temperature cooler in some areas too. feels nice out there. one place where they are not having such good luck is parts
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of texas where the remnants of tropical storm hermine did some damage there. several tornadoes touched down if the dallas area damaging some buildings and other than flipping over a few vehicles and parking lots. >> check out the flooding it caused at six flags amusement park in arlington, texas. can you see muddy waters rushing past roller coaster tracks. several rides and much of the park's grounds were left under water. right now, the park is shut down. >> again here, it is kind of a nice comfortable change that we have this morning. we've got that cooler air that has seteled in. drier air so the monument level is low. a very pleasant start to the day. downright cool in parts of the viewing area this morning. and it will be a cooler day today. let's take a look at your weather headlines, get you set for the day and the next several days across the area. we've got that cooler air that has arrived that we did mention. temperatures in the 50s and 60s early this morning. temperatures will drop down to the 50s tonight for much of the
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area. meanwhile, we've got a new tropical storm out in the atlantic. it is tropical storm igor. barely a storm. it looks like we could see some rain on sunday and maybe some thunderstorm activity across the region. yesterday was another one of those days where our temperatures got higher than i thought they would get, i have to tell you, unfortunately. 96degrees at reagan national. head of that cold front, the temperatures shot up in the afternoon. 93 at dulles. bwi marshall made it up to 92 yesterday. here are the current temperatures. as i mentioned, most of us in the 60s but there are some 50s out there. we'll see more of these 50s tomorrow morning. 55 right now in gaithersburg. 59 in frederick. 66 here in the district. 63 down in leonardtown, maryland. a look at the satellite-radar for the region, things are quite clear. there are some of the clouds
5:18 am
that came through as the front came through. we've got clear skies, low humidity. the humidity is below 50% this morning. i don't know when the last time i was able to say that was. and quiet conditions. not much in the way to show you on the satellite-radar. here is forecast for today. sunny skies today. rather breezy but a much cooler day after a high yesterday of 96. look for a high today of about 78. all-important five-day forecast, tomorrow is into the nice day. sunshine, 77. i think saturday is a great day. 80-degree with sunshine. sunday, we to have a chance of some showers and thunderstorms possibly even in the morning on sunday, during the day on sunday. high about 81 degrees and then things quiet down for monday. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> so far, so good. overfight roadwork on the beltway near 66 and 123 in the tysons area and where they've
5:19 am
been doing the hot lane work has cleared. also construction on southbound 95 leaving newington down into lorton. no problems off of i-70 approaching 355. we are up to speed leaving stewart lane. 66 close in, picking up some volume as you travel east of nutley street towards the beltway. no incidents have been reported. it is quiet downtown as you travel across the anacostia bridges. we are still deal with the water main break from yesterday along eastern avenue. only one lane open between rhode island avenue and bladensburg road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. sunset last night marked the beginning of the jewish new year, rosh hashana. the holiday calls for 10 days of soul searching when jewish people reflect on the past year and plan their chairchgs -- changes for the coming year. this is a look at just some of what we're working on for
5:20 am
later today. coming up in our next hour, unique insight into the mayor's race from one of the city's best known writers, colby king sat down with our shawn yancy. more on the d.c. mayor's race at 7:00. fenty and ray have picked up endorsements p representative two different newspapers will join us to talk about it. more on the president's economic plan. it includes business tax breaks. will it work? a professor of finance at georgia mason university will be joining us. next, people caught texting while she should be focusing on their jobs and it could be putting you at risk. a fox 5 investigation coming up. ♪
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certainly, we've all heard about the dangers of texting and driving but fox 5 has found people teching who should be paying attention on other things. >> tisha thompson with this fox 5 investigation. >> reporter: you can't get away from texting even when you visit the fair. it is usually not aproblem unless you are the guy running the ride. fox 5 visited county and state fairs across the area this summer to show you what is going on when they think no one is looking. at the maryland state fair, it did not take long before we caught this guy texting and not paying any attention to the
5:24 am
kids going through his fun house. this employee turned hid back to the ride while he typed and this guy was so busy watching his phone, he didn't realize we were watching him as we rode past him on the ferris wheel. in all, we caught eight different ride operators texting in less than two hours. >> i was pretty upset. >> we showed our picture to don dmplet egler, the owner of out company which runs all of these rides. he says he has always had a strict cell phone policy. >> they are not allowed to use control phones while they're operating equipment, whether it be a game or food or rides. it doesn't make any difference. not only do we have a policy. we remind them of the policy before we open every week. >> reporter: he says as soon as he saw the pictures, he confiscated the phones and is considering reprimanding or firing the employees including the operator of the vertigo who
5:25 am
spent more than 45 minutes continuously texting while he unloaded riders, stood at the controls and even taking a ride himself but rarely ever looking up from his phone. >> i didn't think they realized how important this was to pay attention to that equipment because that equipment, some of it is 80,000 or 90,000-pound inform they have an accident with that, it is like running your car into a brick wall. >> reporter: we saw firsthand how accidents can happen in an instant. our cameras were rolling at the montgomery county agricultural fair when a swing slammed into a ride operator after something went wrong on a different version of the vertigo. we were there once again watching operators watch their phones instead of their riders. this fair is run by a different company, powers great american midways who gave us a copy of the employee rules and regulations which states in
5:26 am
big, bold letters, electronic devices like cell phones are never allowed while you are working. but this employee tapped away. this one texted behind the control while his ride was in full swing. >> our ride operators are trained not to be teching as well as our security folks when they are on duty. nexting is not permitted. we do everything within our power to make sure that does not occur. >> reporter: a spokesman for powers great american midways, said as soon as they saw our pictures, they went through the fair with a bucket and collected the phones. from now, employees must turn in their phones before they even step foot onto the midway. >> just to be clear, teching had nothing to do with that accident that we showed at the montgomery county agricultural fair. state investigators are still investigating why that ride malfunctioned. the operator struck in the head that you saw in that video is
5:27 am
okay. we have much more still ahead including the latest on the d.c. mayor's race. a brand-new poll is making the race for d.c. mayor much more interesting and the man who is trailing is now asking for help from the most powerful man in the country. i'm he sarah simmons with the latest when fox 5 morning news returns.
5:28 am
the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg.
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we're coming up on 50 on this thursday morning, starting to feel like fall out there. little september 9th as we get a live look at the capitol dome. temperatures really pleasant out there to start the day. >> a little chillier to than the last couple of days. >> i know my pal stephen joys the warmer weather. >> i do. i enjoyed yesterday. >> i told you our highs would be in the upper 80s. we got into the mid-90s at reagan national airport. >> those things happen. >> it happens every now and then. today, we'll have cooler temperatures in the upper 70s. the key this morning is low humidity. humidity at 47%. that is pretty low for us. >> is it football weather? >> yes, it is, as a matter of fact. the tide is turning. we'll show you what is going on out there with the current temperatures around the region. 50s and 60s early this morning. right now, 66 degrees here in washington. 61 down at quantico. 60 in salsbury, maryland. we do have some 50s out there.
5:31 am
gaithersburg, 55. hagerstown, 55. winchester is at 58 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar. i kind of show it to you out of habit because there is nothing to see here. no clouds. we are cloud-free and without the clouds, we'll be precipitation-free as this dry air mass moves across the area. so forecast for today is a simple one. sunny skies. windy, much cooler. winds could gust up to about 5 miles per hour at times behind that front that has come through. and we'll see a high temperature today of about 78 degrees. not bad at all. >> igor will not cause any problems or bring us any -- >> not any time soon. >> all right. let's see if there are any problems out on the roads. here is julie. >> if you are traveling downtown again this morning, much like yesterday, we are dealing with a water main break along eastern avenue between rhode island avenue and bladensburg road. one lane is able to get through in each direction. also, southbound # 95 after
5:32 am
malcolm x, that ramp is partially blocked. the ramp to malcolm x avenue because of an accident. top side of the beltway looking good leaving new hampshire avenue with no incidents to report. traveling south on 95 and 295, you are at speed coming out you have laurel. on nix, picking up some volume now. the usual suspects leaving nutley street headed in towards the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we've learned the victim of a deadly shooting in prince george's county was just 15 years old. investigators say justin pennell was shot and killed about 9:00 tuesday night. the teenager died from his injuries yesterday afternoon. so far, no suspect or motive in this case although anybody with information is being asked to call police. an out of control driver hit two people walk ago long florida avenue last night in adams morgan and then crashed into a restaurant. this was about 9:00 last night near 18th and florida avenue.
5:33 am
both women who were struck suffered serious injuries. nobody inside the restaurant was hurt. driver stayed on the scene and was arrested. so far, no word on what caused that driver to lose control of the vehicle. a man sexually assaulted a woman waiting at a bus stop early yesterday morning in alexandria. that attack happened at la vista drive and franconia road about 4:30 yesterday morning. the woman says somebody grabbed her from behind assaulted her. the woman was treated for her injuries. police are still looking for the attacker. new developments in the race for d.c. mayor. >> the next few days could be even more crucial for both the candidates now that the latest poll has been released. new clarus poll shows vincent gray ahead of mayor fenty by seven points. fox 5's sarah simmons is joining us live from an early polling place in northeast washington with more on this. this thing is getting more and more interesting all the time. >> reporter: it certainly is. this is very good news for
5:34 am
vincent gray would has been pulling out a little bit since just last month. now, this is the third poll in a week that has shown vincent gray on top. so it is very good news for him but still, we are waiting on election day to figure out what is going to happen here. either way, both vince gray and incumbent adrian fenty are really campaigning hard out there on the campaign trail. and yesterday, it really showed that fenty is starting to get kind of of worried. he said at a ribbon cutting that he is seeking president obama's endorsement. feinty is trailing in many african-american neighborhoods where the president is still very popular. gray has not sought the president's endorsement but he says he welcomes it. >> we really reached out much more locally. we've touched people in the city, people who have been involved in the city every day. but if the president could like to endorse me, i would be happy to receive that endorsement. >> reporter: now, mayor adrian
5:35 am
fenty was not available for an on-camera interview but he did reversace is if -- release a statement saying that the only numbers that count are those on election day. a lot of folks in his campaign are very worried here but with less than a week to go, they are getting the push out there. he talked about what his strategy is moving forward in the next knew days. >> strategy is to identify voters, get as many of them to the polls as possible, to vince both undecided and self-voters that we're the right person for the job and combine that into one big get out the vote effort on election day.
5:36 am
this poll shows 14% of the voters are still undecided which shows that the election is still up for grabs. back to you. maryland's trek is now getting involved in an election controversial in prince george's county. doug gansler is trying to get to the bottom of fake sample ballots being mailed and handed out. that he make false claims about endorsements and even who is running for what election. he says they violate state election laws. a u.s. senator's aide is accused of bringing marijuana into a capitol hill building. u.s. capitol police arrested 43- year-old marcus stanley after an officer says he saw him enter the building on tuesday and remove a green leafy stub assistance that later turned out to be marijuana. stanley had been the economic advisor to democratic senator barbara boxer. he has since resigned. concerns are growing this
5:37 am
morning over the controversial plan to burn korans. the florida pastor has no intention of backing down. that pastor, terry jones, is planning the event saturday, the ninth anniversary of the 9- 11 tacks. muslims are warning of violent reaper can you gos. >> the secretary of state says it is unamerican. >> it doesn't in any way represent america or americans or american government or american religous or political leadership. >> something is wrong. it is possibly time for us in a new way to actually stand up, confront terrorism. >> the state department has ordered u.s. embassies worldwide to assess their security ahead of saturday's event. it is not clear how many embassies have completed such a review but americans in algeria have already been alerted. more trouble for the city of detroit. fires jumping from home to
5:38 am
home. >> the situation so bad now the city's fire department may be overwhelmed. we are checking headlines next on fox 5 morning news. afr ur years, adrian fenty is now apologizing.
5:39 am
5:40 am
he never apologized for giving control of $82 million in city contracts to his frat brothers. no apology for his secret trips and missed appearances, for record-high unemployment and overspending the budget. and no apology for what the washington post calls "silly fights with the d.c. council," "unnecessary government secrecy," "shutting out community voices." we're sorry, mayor fenty -- some things you just can't forgive. dozens of homes destroyed in detroit where the mayor is calling the fires a natural disaster. high winds whipped the flames from house to house sparking 85 fires. eight of them caused by downed
5:41 am
power lines, two by arson. there are questions over whether they have enough firefighters. the mayor points out that nobody was killed. a south carolina town shot down a ban requiring renters to prove their citizenship. council members took a vote on the issue. several council members warned that the proposal could trigger costly lawsuits and it could come up again. the man who made fox news possible has died. john kluge owned the metro media broadcasting company and that includes this station, wttg. he sold this and six other stations to rupert murdoch and that is how the fox network was born. he was eventually ranked the wealthiest man in the country for several years. he died in his home near charlottesville. he was 95 years old. we have much more still ahead on fox 5 morning news. take a look at this. that is the bottom of the
5:42 am
potomac river. it is something you couldn't see not too long ago. i'm beth parker. i'll tell you what scientists say is making the difference. also, another check on your commute as we look at the 14th street bridge and a cooler forecast than we've seen the last couple of days. it is now 5:41. to me a great fashion story is about taking what's out there and making it work for my readers. at the magazine, i'm all about helping them get the looks for less. that's t.j.maxx. my assistant says, "isn't that all last season's fashions?" no way! t.j.maxx works deals directly with designers. that's how they can do it. this full-time fashionista... is really a maxxinista! t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you!
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wear back at 15 minutes until 6:00 on this thursday more than. way off in the distance, you see the capitol dome and we are to have a nice start today feeling a lot like fall. take a look at this dramatic video. this is ride-on bus on fire in silver spring. that bus was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. thankfully, nobody was on the bus. we don't know yet exact hi how the fire started. here is a 400-pound lion attacking the trainer at the mgm hotel in las vegas. they turn their back and then the other one comes in. the trainer is the enslow churr when the male attacked. the other trainer and the female lion actually broke up the incident. the trainer did have to get a few stitches in his leg. the u.s. agriculture department
5:46 am
is investigating. the entertainment world is honoring soul train on the 40th anniversary of that show. motown superstar smoky robinson joined long-time soul train dancer, jody watley and soul train host don cornelius. in its heyday, the saturday afternoon show provided the best r & b music. >> as a matter of fact, they just issued a three dvd set of the best of soul train just came out which i ordered last week and i hope is arriving on high door step today. >> that would be great. what fun. >> you might not want to spend all the hours inside today. >> no, you are a right. we'll see very comfortable temperatures. very comfortable humidity levels. it will be a little bit breezy and those wind could gust every now and then. not a bad day at all. let's start by showing you the
5:47 am
almanac for yesterday's high temperatures. it did get quite warm. 96degrees at reagan national airport. briefly, 9 # degrees but it did get up there. 93 at dulles. that, my friends, was a record for the day. -- briefly, 96 degrees but it did get up there. bwi marshall made it up to 92 degrees. current temperatures around the region, we are at 66 degrees. not bad at all. 61 down in quantico. baltimore at 58 degrees. frederick, maryland, 59 degrees. culpeper, virginia is at 61 degrees at this hour. satellite-radar composite, high pressure building in. that is going to control things for us for a couple of days really. we'll have quiet weather conditions. weville have the breeziness today behind the frontal system that has come through. not much in the way of clouds. nothing in the way of precipitation. however, if you want precip, we've been showing you the storm damage in texas and in oklahoma now. this is still the remnants of
5:48 am
tropical storm hermine and what we are seeing is a variety of flash flood and flood watches in effect for portions of the central and southern plains up into southern illinois as the system continues it track eastward. we do expect to to move across portions of our viewing area by the latter part of the weekend and it could bring us some pretty good rainfall on sunday. now, speaking of tropical storms, this is the latest. igor, we have -- it is near the cape verde islands so it is way out there off the coast of africa. by this wind and into the middle part or the beginning part of the next workweek, should move into the central atlantic. it will likely strengthen. the waters are quite warm there. we'll are to keep our eyes on it. at this point, it poses no threat to the u.s. mainland. here is forecast for today. sunny skies, windy and much cooler. high today only about 78 degrees. that is a few degrees below normal. our normal is 81. winds could gust up to 25 miles per hour.
5:49 am
your five-day forecast, tomorrow, also a pretty day. less breezy than today. same with saturday. sunday, the redskins play the cowboys at fedex field. right now t looks like we could see some rainfall. maybe the rain will be out of there by game time but we have to keep our eyes on this forecast. could see some thunderstorms on sunday. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get an update on traffic with julie wright. >> it i just hear you say something about ordering a dvd of soul train? >> yes gentleman oh, my gosh, i'm jealous. >> i have always loved this song. the sound of philadelphia. >> let's be gate. i got told the truth. tony's moves are more like american bandstand, not necessarily soul train but nonetheless. we can do the hustle. >> i still preferred soul train. thank you very much. >> me too. >> on the roads right now, we are talking about the wilson bridge and it looks good in each direction with no incidents reported. coming southbound on 270, the land are open and to you we start to see the slow downs out
5:50 am
of hyattstown headedtown down towards the truck scales. -- the lanes are open and we start to see the slowdowns out of hyattstown headed town toward the truck scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it didn't happen overnight but the change is dramatic. that is what scientists are saying about the clean-up of the potomac river. >> there is a new study that indicates the once horribly polluted river is making a comeback. beth parker shows us more. >> i mean look, here is your
5:51 am
bottom. >> reporter: chip wrongston -- johnston grew up on the potomac river. >> no clarity. you put your hand into the water and it disappeared. >> reporter: he runs say sailing school in alexandria he says now the water is clearer and they're constantly fighting with sea grass. >> it is in all our boats an in the way of all of our sailors but it is the biggest blessing this river has ever seen. >> reporter: biologists say he is right about those plants. >> they are the base of a balanced ecosystem. >> reporter: there is a dramatic change. nancy worked on a 18-year study. she says vegetation has doubled in the 50 miles of the potomac they studied. >> that tells me that water quality is improving and these plants are able to get the light they need. they are growing on the bottom of the river and they need good water clarity in order to survive. >> reporter: she attributes much of the improvement to federal regulations that forced the blue plains wastewater
5:52 am
treatment plant to reduce the amount of night general that ended up in the river. this studdie is by no mean an indication that everything on the potomac is picture perfect. there is still a long way to go. and there are even some new chemicals that may be creating dangers, things you can't even see. >> our toxic chemicals laws in this country are way out of date. there are some efforts to try tomorrow prove those right now. but it is a long haul. >> reporter: scientists are finding male fish in the potomac with eggs in their reproductive system. research shows chemicals from industry and even cosmetics could be to blame, a sign that the people would enjoy the potomac may also be hurting it. beth partnerrer, fox 5 news. we still have plenty ahead including more on our big story which is the race for tease mayor. you unique insights into the mayor's race.
5:53 am
will albert haynesworth are traded? seems that coach shanahan is getting a little bit irritated with all the questions. we'll hear from the coach coming up next. you are watching fox 5 morning news. ♪
5:54 am
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the ffl season kicks off its regular season with a match- up of last season's game. the saints hosting the vikings. the redskins open the season
5:56 am
sunday night at fedex field. the big game against dallas. quarterback donovan mcnabb gave everybody a bit of a scare in the second preseason game against the ravens when he suffered a left ankle injury. he was held out of practice until this week. he is no longer favoring that ankle. he seems ready to go. yesterday, he was asked what percent he felt health-wise. >> it doesn't really matter at this point. this is the regular season. this is what it is all about. you know, so it is time to play football. >> planning on not changing anything. if he is healthy, he's healthy. if they they would me he is heady to go, we are anot holding back. >> that brings us to our other big redskins story which is albert haynesworth. there had been widespread rumors he was on the trading block. redskins general manage are bruce allen has denied those rumors so yesterday the question was posed to head coach mike shanahan who made things pretty clear. >> albert will be with our team on sunday, yes. >> you just stated that albert
5:57 am
will within the team on sunday. >> i just thought i would help you guys. i know you guys got a job to do. we'll just leave it at that. >> if somebody called you right now and had something they wanted to talk about, you are saying you wouldn't listen to that? >> i guess he didn't hear what i said. i said what. >> you said he would be with the team on sunday. there is nothing that could change that? >> you guys are stuff. >> want to make sure i got it right. >> you never know f he wasn't here, i think you'd call me a liar, wouldn't you? and all have the right to do that. last night, baseball. bottom of the fifth. that is ramos, good-looking young catcher they picked up from the winds. that is a good-looking shot to center field. two-run home republican, first of his career. nats lost 3-2. -- two-run home run, first of his career.
5:58 am
we'll get another check on your thursday morning commute and get a look at a good- looking forecast with tony. rd
5:59 am

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